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Tips For Fixing Your Injuries

There is nothing worse than having an injury and needing to go through physical therapy.  Several years ago I found myself in an automobile accident and having issues with my right knee.  When I went to my lawyer’s office, they sent me to one of their doctors in their network.  This doctor specialized in sports medicine in Mount Pleasant

As I asked the lawyer why they were sending me to someone that did sports medicine, he replied that they were the best for physical injures to joints and other parts of the body.  When I went to the doctor they did some amazing work to my knee.  They used some anti-inflammatory gel on my knee, they hooked up electrode pads that sent electrical current through my knee and shoed me a series of exercises that would help with the stiffness and increase blood flow.

After the treatment I was back to almost one hundred percent before the accident.  Afterwards I continued to eat right, exercise and build myself up.  If you have ever been in an accident or had this type of injuries, consider going to one of these doctors for help.

sports medicine in Mount Pleasant

Avoid alcohol

One thing that I was told is that you need to avoid alcohol.  Alcohol will help inflame joints and decrease your body’s ability to heal.  When going through the treatment you want to drink lots of water and avoid anything with salt, sugar or alcohol. 

Use ice and heat

You want to use a combination of ice and heat yon your injuries.  Ice will help keep the inflammation down and the heat will help with the blood flow.  Before adding heat however, you want to ask your doctor if it is a good option for you.  Sometimes adding heat can cause more damage.  With cold however, it is going to be the best thing for any injury.

Categories: sports medicine in Mount Pleasant