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Laying Foundations For Teeth Lumineers

It begins thus. To understand how the practice of dental teeth lumineers bellevue work evolves, try and learn how the work all begins. In the dentistry line, a veneer is best described as a piece of material that will be placed over a single tooth. What does the use of veneers seek to achieve? Well, it is known to bring out the best in a natural smile, alright. But perhaps this is more important. It protects the tooth’s surface from any outside damage.

Note this too. Two primary types of material are utilised to put together the veneer. These are known as composite and dental porcelain. The composite veneer is placed directly. It could also be indirectly fabricated by the dental technician. This latter procedure will be followed by a bonding procedure. Resin cement will be used to bond the veneer to the tooth. This is a procedure that is usually applied to young teenaged patients.

A composite veneer could last as long as four years. But then again, a porcelain veneer is only ever fabricated. But then there is also this. It’s called a full veneer crown. It’s noted as a restoration that will cover all coronal tooth surfaces. These are known as mesial, facial, distal, lingual and occlusal. And then there is this. It’s called the laminate veneer. This is just a thin layer that will be covering just the surface of the tooth.

teeth lumineers bellevue

And it is only really utilised for aesthetic purposes. Making the patient’s facial and dental appearance better, in other words. But they do offer better performance capabilities and are generally known to be less plaque retentive. Well now, just so you know, this short info note is merely the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to read moreĀ…

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