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Bear This In Mind Before Pulling Own Tooth

Maybe you did this before. And maybe you got away with it that time. But bear this in mind. Next time you might not be so lucky. There are important reasons for this. It is in the best interests of your overall health and wellbeing, never mind that of your oral and dental health, which of course includes the condition of your teeth and gums, to rather let the dentist follow through on the tooth extraction corona procedure.

Because, next time you decide to chance your arm at attempting the ill-advised exercise of self-medicating your teeth and gums, this is what is likely to happen. It is particularly prevalent when the loose tooth is unseen. So you’re not necessarily conscious of the gap that will be left behind after you have pulled the tooth. And so you may feel that there is no urgent need to rush off to the dentist.

tooth extraction corona

But at the same time, this is what has happened. You have left behind debris. You have not entirely succeeded at pulling the entire tooth out. There will be fragments of the pulled tooth left behind. And the remains of that tooth, fully exposed to bacteria could quickly become affected. Which is why you sometimes feel a searing pain when you take a spoonful of ice cold ice cream. And you were not even chewing!

Now, bacteria having freely made its way in, it will spread. And it will spread to surrounding teeth and gums. And before you know it, you are ready for another tooth pulling exercise. And do you dare to pull it yet again? There is no more time left for damage control. It is in your best interests to rather let the dentist do the tooth extraction.

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